RAAR-design: when RArity meets ARchitecture, when the ARt meets design and decoRAtion.

RAAR-design was born in Paris in 2007 under the leadership of Alexander Thouet.
A Jack of all trades, and master of many, doubled with an artist soul, imagined RAAR-design for his personal projects. soon for those of his inner circle and finally for those of private clients.

Word-of-mouth did the rest, and the agency quickly worked on a variety of projects: from ultra-functional micro-studios, lofts, or minimalistic design apartments. A new milestone was achieved when RAAR-design travelled across the ocean to reach Brazil.

In 2010, it opened in Rio de Janeiro in association with Carolina Krebs, a talented young Brazilian architect. The truly multicultural team was received with enthusiasm in Brazil: Brazilians love the French touch, and Europeans investing in Brazil feel reassured that their project is in the hands of designers who can combine creativity with respect of the deadlines, quotes, and specifications.

This organization offers the advantage of a personalized involvement of the client wherever he is, from conception to completion. It is this experience that RAAR-design now wants to share. Wherever your project is, whatever its size, whether it is a studio, or a family apartment to restructure, RAAR-design can help you every step of the way, from the baseline studies to the decoration , from the choice of materials to high-tech solutions.

Solutions are tailored-made to meet your expectations and your budget.
At RAAR-design, we believe that an atmosphere is a personality who expresses itself, an intention taking shape and, above all, the encounter of a dream and a talent!